In additon to our splendid collection of antique books, we provide design, restoration and binding services. We cooperate with highly regarded bookbinders’ workshops that apply old and sometimes forgotten bindery techniques to offer our Clients unique and prestgious hand-made book bindings. We specialize in artistic bookbindery, and the special emphasis is put on the original and stylish design. Each order is treated individually, with respect for the book’s historic and artistic value.

According to dictionary definitions, prestige is “the level of respect at which one is regarded by others; it is honor and esteem”. Nowadays, it is not enough to have a luxurios car and residence, a valuable watch, to be regarded prestigious you also need to possess an impressive private library, full of precious and unique volumes.

A book was highly regarded and considered prestigious goods from the very beginning of its history. In the Middle Ages it was very expensive and available only to noblemen and priests and monks in churches and monasteries.

With the development of print, the use of books was more common and finally, they became accessible to everyone.

Therefore, to be widely recognized eminent, it is neccessary to possess an extensive library full of rare, unique and precious volumes in beautiful bounds. Since some volumes need rebinding, we offer you design, restoration and binding services that will help you to build or develop a considerable and splendid collection of antique and modern books.

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